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Flatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for Sale

Flatbed Cutter provides the solutions to make sampling and short production period in a variety of industries. It satisfies different kinds of materials cutting which is equipped with variety of cutting tools. Uptek Flatbed Cutter can realize high speed, intelligent and high precise cutting, punching, plotting, marking, etc. It works with other softwares well through our powerful data converting software, you can send any design shape to this Flatbed Cutter for cutting purpose.

  • 0-2,000mm/s
  • Panasonic servo motors and drivers
  • 3 years

Flatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for Sale

Flatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for Sale

Applicable Materials

Uptek Digital Cutter is used for cutting fabric, textile, carpet materials, leather, fiberglass, carbon fiber, cardboard, honeycomb paper, corrugated papaer, grey board, KT board, vinyl, sticker, film, foam board, garment cloth, bags materials, sponge, EPE, PU, EVA, XPE, PVC, PP, PE, PTFE, ETFE, composites and other soft non-metal materials.


1. Taiwan high precison linear square linear guide and gear ensure high cutting accuracy.

2. Japan Panasonic brand servo motors and drivers ensure the Flatbed Cutter has stable working performance and high working speed.

3. Multi-function. Tools can be changed freely according to different materials

4. Whole machine body is welded with thick square seamless steel structure and treated with high temperature. The machine body will not deform to affect accuracy.

5. Control system is user-friendly and smart. Digital Cutter is easy to operate.

6. Anti-collision devices and infrared blocking device ensure operation safety. 

7. Lubrication system makes the maintenance of Digital Cutter easier. 

8. Exclusive adsorption technology. Low noise, low energy consumption and stronger adsorption power. Materials can be fixed on the working table solidly. 

Machine Parts

Flatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for Sale



Flatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for Sale

Model UP-1390, UP-1610, UP-1625, UP-1825, UP-1830, UP-2030, etc.
Working area

1300mm x 900mm

1600mm x 1000mm

1600mm x 2500mm

1800mm x 2500mm

1800mm x 3000mm

2000mm x 3000mm

(cutting size can be customized for you)

Material fixed way

vacuum suction system
Working table fixed working table or automatic feeding working table

Cutting speed

0-2,000mm/s(according to different cutting materials)

Cutting thickness

≤100mm(according to different cutting materials)

Cutting accuracy


Drive system

Japan Panasonic servo motor and driver

Transmission system

Taiwan Hiwin linear square rail and T-win rack

Vacuum pump power

2.2KW, 4.5KW, 5.5KW, 7.5KW and 9.0KW

Interface Ethernet port

Graphic format supported

.PLT, .DXF, .HPG, .HPGL, .ARR, .PCE, .SPLT, etc.

Safety device

infrared sensors and emergency stop devices

Working voltage

AC 220V/380V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz


Flatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for SaleFlatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for SaleFlatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for Sale

Tools for optional

What tools can equipped on Flatbed Cutter?

- Osillating knife cutting tools
- Universal cutting tool
- Kiss cutting tool
- Marking pen

- Driven rotary tool

- Milling tool

- V-cut tool

- Creasing tool

- CCD camera

- Projector

- Digital camera

Flatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for SaleFlatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for Sale

After-sale service
Welcome you to our factory to have a professional training for Flatbed Cutter.
We can also dispatch our technician to your company, offer training and provide technical support
If you need help, you can send email to us or contact us by Whatsapp or pther online chatting tools.
We have professional after-sale team to provide 24h online service.

Flatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for Sale

About us

Uptek is professional manufacturer of Flatbed Cutter with over 15 years experience.

Flatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for SaleFlatbed Cutter at Affordable Price for Sale


1. Does this Flatbed Cutter have any certificates?
Yes, our Flatbed Cutter has passed European CE, ISO 9001 certificates and meet safety standards.

2. How about the warranty time for Flatbed Cutter?

Three years for machine. One year for cutting tools.

3. How about the installation of the machine and the after-sales service?

We offer machine manual and software manual instructions for every machine, also offer videos for your reference and 24-hour online technical support.

All of these supports are free, we will be there untill you can operate the machine fluently.

4. How to choose a suitable Flatbed Cutter?

In order to recommend you the most suitable Flatbed Cutter, please help us confirm the below information:

1) What is the maximum width and length of your material? 

2) What is the max thickness of your material?

3) What mainly job will you do? Justting cut or need other tools, camera and projector?

Product Inquiry
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