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1325 Woodworking ATC CNC Router with Automatic Tool Changer

  • UP-1325
  • Uptek
  • 1300*2500*500mm
  • Servo motors and drivers
  • 2 years
  • AC 220V/380V±10%

1325 Woodworking ATC CNC Router with Automatic Tool Changer

ATC CNC RouterATC CNC Router

Feature of Uptek ATC CNC Router

1. Automatic tool change function, 16 tools automatic change for complex wood carving.

2. Whole machine is welded with thick seamless steel structure, not easy to be deformed.

3. High quality Taiwan 25mm linear square guide rails for smooth moving and high precision.

4. High-power air cooling spindle, low noise and super strong cutting ability, improve working efficiency greatly.

5. Good software compatibility: Types3, ArtCAM, Art CAD, JD Paint, Artcut and other CAD/CAM design softwares.

6. Automitic oil lubrication system makes maintenance much easier. Electric limit switches on all axis ensure the ATC CNC Router runs well.

7. Imported Yaskawa servo motor, acceleration performance is high, to ensure the stability and high speed work.

8. Working table combines vacuum absorption and T-slot, big size materials can use the vacuum for hold, and small size can use the T-slot to fix.

Applicable materials of Uptek ATC CNC Router

Wood, acrylic, PVC, MDF, form, plastics and soft metal plates like copper and aluminum.

Parameters of Uptek ATC CNC Router

Product ATC CNC Router
Lathe bed Heavy duty type

Working table

Vacuum and T-slot

Control system Synted
Spindle power


Working area

Transmission system

X Y axis: Hiwin/PMI linear square rail, gear and rack

Z axis: Hiwin/PMI linear square rail, TBI ball screw

Drive system

Japan Yaskawa servo motors and drivers

Spindle Speed


Working speed
Rapid Travel Rate 0-35000mm/min

X,Y,Z axis traveling positioning accuracy


X,Y,Z axis repositioning positioning accuracy




Working environment
Temperature: 0-45°C Relative humidity: 30%-75%

Working voltage

AC 220V/380V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Strong wooden case for export


ATC CNC RouterATC CNC Router

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