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How to use CNC Router safely?

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CNC Router

How to operate CNC Router? This is a concern for most operators. Now, we share some cautions about using CNC Router.

1, If the working voltage of CNC Router is three-phase 380V , it is necessary to connect three-phase four wires and PE wire correctly

2, CNC Router must be connected ground before starting. It is forbidden to start the machine without grounding.

3, If CNC Router works with cylinder, the pressure of air pump should be 0.8mpa before starting, and the minimum pressure can not be less than 0.6mpa to avoid affecting machine's normal use.

4, Before starting the CNC Router with vacuum adsorption table, clean water should be added into vacuum pump, and add it to 3/4 of the water tank's volume. The water temperature should be less than 60 degrees during vacuum pump working. The water should be replaced with antifreeze in winter. Water should be replaced regularly when it is dirty. It is recommended to replace water once a month.

5, During the CNC Router working, operator can't leave the working site to avoid machine failure or program error, resulting in sparks on the tool or workpiece, and being inhaled by the dust collector to cause the fire.

6, If CNC Router comes with water-cooled spindle, please check whether the water circulation system works normally before starting machine each time. If the water pump has problem, it is forbidden to start the machine to work. Please replace clean water when the circulating water is dirty. When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, antifreeze must be added into the circulating water.

7, When there's electricity, it is forbidden to exchange lines, plugs, control cards and data lines and signal lines.

8, Cleaning the dust on the equipment regularly, such as rails, racks and control cabinets. The guide rails must be oiled frequently, and the oil should be added every 2 days(preferably the guide oil, secondly the good quality oil or lubricant)

9, In case of machine failure or operation error, press the emergency stop button in time, and start up after troubleshooting.

10, CNC Router is a precision precision machinery, it is forbidden to disassemble the machine without the permission of manufacturer.

11, Don't use the machine during thunderstorms, avoid the damage on some parts.

12, It is forbidden to place inflammable and explosive materials around the machine to avoid fire.

13, ATC CNC Router and boring head CNC Router has strict requirements on the air quality, the pressure should be 0.6-0.8mpa. Pressure can not be less than 0.6mpa to avoid affecting normal use. It is recommended to install 

a dryer to dry and filter the air.

14, The working sequence must be correct when the tools are changed automatically. It is forbidden to change the tool when the spindle is not stopped. 

15, It is easy to cause damage to the tool holder or the tool change spindle.

We summarized the above points about using CNC Router safely. If you have any questions about how to operate CNC Router and our other CNC machines, please contact us at any time!

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