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Digital Knife Cutting Machine for sound-absorbing material and sound insulation material

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Digital Knife Cutting Machine for sound-absorbing material and sound insulation material


Sound-absorbing material and sound insulation material has good heat insulation, good fire resistance, material B1, B2 flame retardant grade, self-extinguishing from the fire, will not spread, and no smoke, no toxic gas.

Because of its good characteristics, the Laser Cutting Machine is not suitable for cutting acoustic cotton. Cosidering manual cutting efficiency is slow, the error is large and cost of die cutting machine is high, Digital Knife Cutting Machine can meet your need very well. Computer sotware calculates the data and cutting route, which saves material and greatly improves cutting efficiency.

PET acoustic board cutting machine is specifical for PET felt panels,PET felt sheets,PET felt fabric, PET felt acoustic EVA Foam etc.

The common standard tools of Digital Knife Cutting Machine for acoustic board industry are Oscillation Knife cutting tool and V-cut tool.

Oscillation Knife Cutting Tool is for cut the board off. You can download any shape into the machine and cut. V- cut tool is for bevel cutting and slotted.

The effect of Digiatl Knife Cutting Machine is smooth and beautiful. Standard working areas of Digital Knife Cutting Machine are 1600*2500mm, 1800*2500mm, 2100*2500mm etc. Other sizes can be customized according to your need.

All motors of digital knife cutting machine use imported Servo Motor and driver to make sure high power to drive the machine. Taiwan high quality rack and gear tranmission will keep stable when machine cutting.

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