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3D Object Model Scanner

3D Object Model Scanner is used for scanning the objects' contours, which has the high precision and fast speed. It works without touching objects, so there is no damage and no deformation on workpieces.


3D Object Model Scanner

Our 3D Object Model Scanner adopts the the international leading grating technology, which can obtain the three dimensional data of the objects' surfaces in short time.

The 3D Object Model Scanner is widely applied in design and manufacturing of molds, three-dimensional sculpture carving, carving handicraft processing, stereo industrial products manufacturing, quality inspection and control, measurement and other fields.


1. Fast scanning speed and high precision: Single scanning time of the 3D Object Model Scanner is less than 3 seconds. Splicing automatically, splicing precision can reach 0.03mm/m (3um).

2. Excellent hardwares: Main hardwares of the 3D Object Model Scanner are original imported, reliability and good durability, ensure our 3D Object Model Scanner is excellent stability.

3. Sanning widely: The 3D Object Model Scanner can scan objects with diameter from 10mm to 2000mm, and the scanning result is precise.

4. Non-injury: Raster scanning technology, no damage and no deformation on the objects.

5. Easy to learn and operate: The 3D Object Model Scanner's operation interface is simple and friendly, beginners can use skillfully in short time.

6. Safe: Harmless to humans and eyes

7. Strong ability to adapt to the environment: Good heat dissipation. Adopt the American digital grating technology, high brightness.

8. Different splicing ways: Manual splicing and automatic splicing. The automatic splicing way uses the unique ICP(Iterative Closest Point) sign automatic splicing technology to scan all the data points for the best matching, automatic operation, high precision and fast calculation speed, so that the error is very small. Solving the problems of delamination may occur in the process of splicing. The complex objects can be viewed in different directions to get three-dimensional data integrally.

Technical Parameters

3D Object Model Scanner
Scanning mode Non-contact
Single frame speed ≤3s
Scanning accuracy ≤±0.03mm
Raster technology German original industrial sensor, binocular 1.3 million classes. ( Imported Germany IDS brand with series number)
Dot-pitch 0.1-0.3mm
Japanese computar original lens
USA Infocus brand LED projector
Raster display American brand light source raster
Alignment Fully automatic stitching alignment and manual alignment
Scanning range Diameter 10-2000mm
Scanning depth Not only meet the general object scanning, suitable depth scan larger objects(0 ~ 180mm).
Output data format STL, OBJ, IGES, DXF, 3DS, etc.
Computer system support Windows XP/7/8/10
Supporting software International large-scale software fully compatible
(can generate a variety of data formats for using in other software, including stl, ply, asc, ac, pif, etc., can be converted to AutoCAD, Geomagic Studio, Rapid Form, ImageWare other software for post-processing.)
Software Scanning software and editor software
Driver support
Microsoft Certified driver, easy to install
Voltage AC 110V/220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Warranty 3 years

Samples of Uptek 3D Object Model Scanner

3D Object Model Scanner

Packaging of Uptek 3D Object Model Scanner

3D Object Model Scanner

Our service

1. We provide three years warranty for the 3D Object Model Scanner.

2. 24 hours online service for technical support.

3. During the warranty period, if any part of the 3D Object Model Scanner is broken, new part will be sent to you for free.

4. Lifetime maintenance for free.

5. Technician are available for providing machine training overseas.

6. Free training and guidance in our factory.

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