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3D Camera for Crystal Laser Engraving Machine


3D Camera for Crystal Laser Engraving Machine

3D Camera3D Camera


Uptek three-dimensional camera is a new generation 3D Camera which has the advantages of fast imaging speed and high precision. It equipped a high resolution digital camera, has HD texture. The 3D camera could be used in many areas.

The whole machine adopts imported 6061 aluminum material and is processed by CNC machining center with high precision to ensure its accuracy and stability.

The surface is hardened and the hardness is higher than traditional process method.

Fixed screw with 12.9 high strength, and all with screw glue, better guarantee assembly strength and anti-loose.

Our 3D Camera adopts optical lenses which imported from the United States.

Flash is the military level, the life time is more 4 times than the first-line brand of German companies.

All the capacitors on the circuit adopt the international first-line brand to ensure its stability and longer life.

Built-in high-performance polymer large-capacity battery, two-level protection circuit, intelligent charge and discharge management, charge once can shoot about 500 times, get rid of the need for external AC power troubles.

Steel three-legged bracket equipped lifting and three-dimensional direction adjustment device to meet your shooting requirements.

Air box packaging, alloy package side angle, metal casters, 10mm thickness and EVA double protection, provide the most secure protection for the three-dimensional cameras and accessories in the transport or storage.


1, Fast shooting speed.

1/60 seconds to take the picture, a slight jitter does not affect the quality of three-dimensional modeling

2, High pixel.

800 million -14 million pixels can enhance the color information of the fine, so that every detail of the subject is

clearly visible

3, Easy to operate.

Take a key to complete, such as the use of ordinary digital camera as easy to operate, simple

4, Easy to carry.

From the computer independent use, can be carried to the meeting or event site to provide three-dimensional image service

5, Use safety.

The use of visible light for three-dimensional image, will not cause harm to the human eye


Number of people taking pictures 1 to 4 people (within shooting range)
Exposure time 1/60 sec
3D reconstruction accuracy 0.2 mm
Memory card 2G(can save about 500 photos), it can be extended
Maximum viewing range 800 mm×1200 mm
Shooting distance

1.0 - 1.5 meters

3D reconstruction angle unidirectional 180 range
Forms of data output 3DS, DXF, OBJ, CAD, ASC, WRL, and 3DV, etc.
Effective pixels 8 million -14 million
Interval time 0.5 seconds
Peripheral interface USB

Power supply

high-performance lithium battery and intelligent power management, a

charge can shoot more than 300 times



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